Meet Our October Volunteer of the Month…Barb Kirby. Mrs. Barb works in the Thrift Shop several days a week and is also a Bucks for Books volunteer reader in the schools. Barb comes in every time we¬†call her to fill in…and that is a lot! She is a member at Red Bank United Methodist Church, which is how she came to volunteer at LICS. Here are some fun facts about Barb:

  • She is married to Robert (Bob).
  • She has 4 brothers and 1 sister, who all live in Indiana. She has one stepdaugher and 2 grandchildren.
  • Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • If she could learn any language, it would be Spanish!
  • She has a special talent for organizing… she loves to put things in order.
  • She likes to listen to gospel and classical music.
  • Her favorite icecream topping is hot fudge, and she could NEVER give up chocolate chip cookies!
  • When she was young, she wanted to grow up to be a dancer or a ballerina
  • Instead, she was the VP of a credit union!
  • Her favorite trip was to Hawaii with her husband.

Thanks Mrs. Barb, for your dedication and service to LICS!