LICS Social Services Hours
Monday – Thursday
9 AM – 3 PM
*All financial requests must be submitted by 2 PM.

9 AM – 12 PM

216 Harmon Street
Lexington, SC 29072
803-957-6656 x 247


What do I bring?

LICS serves Lexington County residents in crisis situations. Anytime you come to LICS to request assistance, please bring the following items to begin the application process:

  • Driver’s License or Picture Identification
  • Social Security Card or Social Security Document
  • Social Security Card for any children/minors/dependents currently residing with you

If you are applying for financial assistance, please bring documentation of your crisis, and any paperwork regarding the matter. (Past due bill and cut-off notice, eviction notice, medical paperwork, etc.)

FFL/Food for Living


To enroll in our monthly food program, Food for Living, you must be currently receiving one of the following:

  • Social Security
  • Disability
  • Veteran’s Assistance

To enroll for the year, please bring the following items:

Financial Eligibility Requirements

Criteria for Financial Assistance

  1. Must be a Lexington County Resident
  2. Must have a current crisis that has led you to be unable to pay your current financial obligations
  3. Must have stable and consistent income that will allow you to cover all necessary expenses moving forward


Documentation Requirements for Financial Assistance

  • South Carolina Identification for each adult in the household
  • SCID must match current address OR proof of change updated with the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Social security cards for ALL in household including adults and children
  • Proof of crisis
  • Proof of income: award letter for social security, paystubs, letter from employer
  • Copy of past due bill (utilities)
  • If rental assistance is requested will need a letter from landlord confirming the below detail

 Letter from landlord must contain:

  • Landlord’s contact information including address, phone number and email address (if applicable)
  • Client’s name and address of rental property
  • Detailed ledger to include the monthly rent amount, total amount due and fees or additional charges with a total of current balance


Get Help From LICS



LICS is able to provide food for those in need by offering a balanced variety of non-perishable items, fresh veggies, breads and chicken, both at our food pantry in Lexington and via our mobile food pantry. We offer two ways for individuals and families to receive food. In a true crisis situation, an individual or family can come in and request food to fill their pantry. For individuals on Social Security, Disability, or receiving Veteran’s Assistance, we offer a monthly food program, Food for Living or FFL, to help supplement groceries.


Shop at LICS

Clothing is a necessity, and unfortunately is often one of the most needed items when a family has growing children, aging parents, or a disaster strikes. Because of our Thrift Shop on campus, LICS is able to provide assistance to families in need by providing the basic clothing, shoes, and undergarments needed for every day- in addition to ‘back to school’, job interviews, and more.


get help at LICS

Our main goal at LICS is to stabilize individuals, children, and ultimately- families. Stabilization looks different in every crisis. Sometimes it means that a car needs to be repaired, sometimes that means assisting with a past due rent, or a utility bill. The funding for stabilization is very limited, but we will do everything possible to help families get back on their feet.


Partner with LICS

We believe that “Glorifying God by serving our neighbors in crisis” is what we are called to do – to serve our neighbors in crisis. We will assist with anything that we can, but sometimes there are things that are greater than our resources. That is when we reach out to our partner organizations, and refer to those who can solve the problems that we cannot. We also believe in the power of prayer, and will pray for, and with, anyone who wishes. Ask a staff member or volunteer to show you to our prayer room located on our campus at LICS.

The last client is seen daily at 2:00 Monday – Thursday and 11 AM on Fridays. Our financial assistance is very limited, and we receive a large number of applications and requests each week. Unfortunately, we are not able to assist everyone, and clients are chosen based on the severity of the crisis.